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♥ Angela is a student majoring in Information Technology and Informatics. She loves making polymer clay figures, watching TVB dramas, and other DIYs in her spare time. She hopes that this blog will bring you inspiration and entertainment. Thanks for stopping by! ♥


05/23 Begin Web Design Internship
06/17 Raymond Lam Concert @ AC
07/01 Attend a Wedding
07/09 My Birthday!
08/01 Finish Web Design Internship




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  New Blog, Etsy Shop and Facebook page!
Hi everyone! 

I have started a bunch of new things recently. I will most likely not be updating this blog anymore. 

I made a new collaborative blog named Just Honnie with my sister based around our outfit of the days and craft projects that we do. Check it out here:

I've also started an Etsy shop for that blog. We will be selling most of our projects, such as needlefelted keychains, earrings, etc, polymer clay items, knitted scarves and customized apparel. We hope you'll check it out. :)

Lastly, please support us by liking our Facebook page here: Your support is very important to us and will be greatly appreciated. This is a very important step in my life and I really hope that I can continue doing what I like to do, with a purpose. Knowing that people enjoy my creations makes me feel very happy and purposeful. :)

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you over at JustHonnie!♥

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