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05/23 Begin Web Design Internship
06/17 Raymond Lam Concert @ AC
07/01 Attend a Wedding
07/09 My Birthday!
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  Life Updates: Birthday, Shopping, Clay & Closet
Wow it's been almost a whole month since I last updated my blog. I haven't forgotten about you guys though! I just finished my internship so I'll definitely have more time to write more posts. :) Speaking of my internship, so much for my 'internship chronicles'... lol. That was such a fail. Oh well.. So let me tell you about what I've been doing lately. :D

This isn't going to be in any specific order, just whatever comes to my mind first.
I recently started up on MapleStory again. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a MMORPG. I used to be so addicted to this game back in high school. I pulled all-nighters all the time just to play it. Good thing I'm no longer that addicted. :) I started playing because my boyfriend was so into Diablo at the time. SO like every other girlfriend out there with a Diablo loving boyfriend, I was bored. So Maplestory popped into my head and that's how it all started again. haha. They just introduced a new job in the game as well as a new world so there was double experience, which made it a lot easier to level. (Already level 106 after 2 weeks) My other account is only level 154 and that took me 3 years... Makes me wonder what I really did during my all-nighters. :P

Last weekend was my shopping weekend or something. I went to Jersey Gardens on Friday with my boyfriend and picked up a few things. I got these new flats and oh my gosh. they're so pretty! They're studded. My boyfriend doesn't like them because he thinks it's too "goth" like. But that's okay. Won't stop me from wearing them!

 Ignore the little stickers on the inside. I still haven't broken into them yet so they kinda hurt on the sides.

I also got a backpack for school. There's this store there called Gilly Hicks. It's an underwear store that's under the same chain as Abercrombie, apparently. I've never seen the store anywhere else though, but whatever! They were having a HUGE sale that day. I didn't really need any new panties or bras but since they were so cheap, I couldn't hold back. :P The panties were 10 for $10 and the bras were 5 for $15. So a total of $25 since there's no tax here. :) That can't even get you a bra at Victoria's Secret! I liked that they had different choices too for each pattern. There are some that are push up, some that don't have any, and some that were in the middle. (At least that's what it seemed like to me)

It was my birthday on the 9th! My sister got me a clutch from BCBG (so that i'll stop borrowing hers :P ) and my parents gave me a red envelope. I always ask for a present each year, but i didn't have anything in mind. So when i went to Mohegan Sun with them this weekend, I saw a Michael Kors watch that I really liked. They got me that and I traded back the red envelope for it. Haha. We also got a Clarsonic Mia 2 there because my sister wanted to try it. She told me that people break out after they start using it. I've used it for 2 days so far.. no breakouts yet. Hope I never get one. :P

I made a promise to myself that I'd clean up my room and exercise by jogging everyday for the rest of this summer. I was going to start jogging today, but it was a rainy day so I ended up cleaning part of my room instead! My room really looks like a tornado hit it or something. But I'm going to target each area one at a time... one spot per day so it's not too tedious or boring. :P I decided to start with my closet. I don't have any before pictures, but there was a huge box of unwanted clothes, like 50 bags from shopping, more random clothes, shoe boxes all piled on top of each other with the lids open... yeah. it was pretty bad... But I ended up clearing out 2 big coats that I no longer wear on the rack and here's the result of the bottom of the closet!

I'm pretty proud of it. haha. Those two pieces of wood were just sitting in there, creating a home for some spider that moved.... so now I turned it in to a table. I used the shoe boxes to hold it up and added my comforter's plastic bag between it and it was a perfect fit. :)

I haven't done any clay projects in a while... I actually made one about 2 weeks ago, but I never uploaded pictures of it. It was an out-of-nowhere thing and after I was done, I wasn't even sure what it was. It started out as a pig... but towards the end, it looked more like a hippo to me... so now its a hippo if anyone asks. :) This is what it looks like. lol... I was also thinking about doing tutorials of clay projects, but my DSLR doesn't have a video function... so if I were to do one, it'd have to be in picture form... I'm not sure yet though because that would require a lot of time just to finish the project and could get my camera very dirty. lol.. so we'll see about that. :)

Well, that's all I have for you guys! Thanks so much for reading! Hope it wasn't too long and boring for you. haha. I should do an OOTD soon...

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