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05/23 Begin Web Design Internship
06/17 Raymond Lam Concert @ AC
07/01 Attend a Wedding
07/09 My Birthday!
08/01 Finish Web Design Internship




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  Busy Weekend with Loads of Fun
This past weekend was pretty hectic. On Saturday, I attended my boyfriend's friend's wedding. It's been a very long time since I've gone to a wedding that was actually held at a church so it was fairly interesting. I'm not religious in any way so it was a bit awkward when everyone else in the church started praying and kneeling. It was still a fun experience though. The reception was really nice. I'm not really a drinker so I was totally clueless about what to drink. So I just ordered a glass of champagne (so asian of me). After a while, I didn't want to drink it anymore so I went up to the bartender to ask her to make me something fruity. The first guy who served me didn't card me, but this woman did... I even look young with heavy make up on! So she ended up making me a Malibu Bay Breeze. It tasted so good! I could barely taste the alcohol! Afterwards, I asked my boyfriend to go get me a second one and the woman recognized him and asked him if she should change it up again for me. She made me something else, but I don't know the name of it. It tasted like fruit punch with a heavier taste of alcohol in it. Not too big of a fan... 

We left the reception at around 10 to head to Atlantic City for the Raymond Lam concert. It was so amazing! I've been waiting for so long to see one of his concerts. haha. My boyfriend even got me one of those battery powered glowsticks that they were selling. :) I thought they didn't allow cameras in the event center, but turns out that they did! I regret not bringing my DSLR... so I had to use my mom's point and shoot that I 'smuggled' in (even though I didn't need to!) The quality is pretty bad, but oh well.. Better than nothing, I guess. Here's some pictures that I took:

We headed home after the concert and got home at around 5:30am. We were like dead zombies. haha. After we woke up at about 1, we washed up and went to the mall to eat and shop. I ended up buying 2 necklaces from Forever21 and a pair of red jeans from Zara. (I'll do an OOTD with those soon :) )I also got a necklace and earrings for my friend that I was seeing later at night. Then at 7pm, we headed to a restaurant to meet up with my parents and my friend who was visiting from Hong Kong. Didn't get to see her for a whole year! Hope I can see her again soon. :) My eyes were still really tired from wearing contacts for such a long time during the wedding and the concert, so I decided to just wear my glasses and no makeup. :P Laziness wins. haha.

Good thing I asked for Monday off because I was super tired and my throat hurt a bit from all the screaming and singing at the concert! :P And that concludes my weekend!

Thanks for reading! :)

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