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05/23 Begin Web Design Internship
06/17 Raymond Lam Concert @ AC
07/01 Attend a Wedding
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  Internship Chronicles- Week 2
This post is pretty late. I was supposed to write it up on Friday, but my boyfriend came to hang out with me so I couldn't do it. So I'll have to write it today, even though this week is almost over too. haha. 2 more days until weekend and Raymond Lam concert! So excited! Anyways, let's get started!

Today, I started off my morning with the weekly meeting that we have. Then I got assigned to do a quick and simple task. They wanted to make use of a corkboard, so I had to label some post-its and stick them up. After that, I had to help prepare the information for a video project. They sent me a template to work with and fill in the information according to the products and other information I could find on the client's website. After that, I finished writing one blog post. I was supposed to write two, but I started on the second one and didn't get to finish.

Since I didn't finish the last blog post yesterday, I had to finish it today. After I was done, I had to create two banners for the posts. After that, I just did some TeamTreeHouse exercises and made some tweets for them on Twitter. Pretty simple day.

So today was a pretty busy day for me. I started off the day with some TeamTreeHouse exercises until after lunch. Then I got my first designing project. They had me redesign the WorkFlow snapshot page for their client orders. It was fun, but frustrating at the same time because I couldn't get it to how they wanted it to be. I need to learn how to ask better questions so I can understand the clients more. Needless to say, this project took the rest of the day and I didn't even finish.

I called in sick because I had really bad cramps. Why must it happen to me? :( Makes me wish I were a guy instead. >_>...

So that was basically all I did last week. Even though 2 days have passed through this week, I'll write about it on my post on Friday. :) Until then!

Thanks for reading!

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