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  Tutorial: Candy Land - Mini Cookies and Gumdrops
Today I decided to fill another miniature vial with something and I decided to make a bunch of them with a candy store theme in mind. I only made 2 jars of treats today though. Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gumdrops.

I got a bit lazy and decided to make a 'tutorial' within one picture. I'm sure all of you already know how to do this, so this should be okay. :) All I did was:
1. Roll one of the rectangular clay pieces into a ball and flattened it with my fingers. Make sure that the middle is the highest in thickness and gradually flatten out. 
2. Use the X-acto knife to create mini holes in the cookie.
3. Roll a piece of brown clay into a very thin strand and cut out tiny pieces with your knife. Then stick the brown "chocolate chips" into the holes that you made.
4. Form a piece of foil into a small ball and roll it over the cookie to give it some texture.

and you're done! :)

The gumdrop one is really easy. Just roll different pieces of clay out into mini balls, bake them, and you've got gumballs! I only baked my cookies and gumdrops for about 50 seconds, turned off the oven and let it sit inside for another minute before taking them out. Make sure you don't burn them though, because they're really tiny and will burn really fast.

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