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  Miniature Vials & Harry Potter Potions
Hey everyone!

Finals are finally over for me! Now that I'm officially on summer break, I can spend a lot more time on craft projects. So excited! 

Today I'm going to talk about my recent purchase on Amazon. I bought these miniature bottles/vials to make Harry Potter potions and other decorations to put around my room as decor. ToniEllison on YouTube (I absolutely love her videos! I plan on remaking a bunch of her stuff because it's just so cute!) made these super cute and amazing potions from the Harry Potter series and since I'm a Harry Potter fan, I decided to make my own! 

So these are the bottles/vials that I bought on Amazon.

I bought a total of 48 of them. They come in sets of 24. There were other selections too, but I wanted more just in case I made any mistakes. I bought another set for future uses of other possible projects. :) When I purchased them, the delivery date said May 23, but they surprisingly came in like 3 days.

 For the price that I paid, these bottles were worth the money. It was about $11 for 24 of them. ~$5 for shipping. I bought 2 sets, so the total came out to be around $33 after shipping. My boyfriend actually paid for these with a gift card that he had. :P

 The quality is pretty okay. You're obviously not going to get superb glasses for this price, but I think they're decent. I was a little worried at first because some of the reviews on Amazon mentioned that the cork was compressed cork and easily fell apart. Fortunately, the ones that I've opened so far are all still together. There are some pieces from the cork that fell off around the edges, but that's not too much of a problem for me. As long as I can get the cork out to put something inside, I'm fine with it since I'm going to be supergluing the corks back on afterwards.

In ToniEllison's video comments, she mentioned that you can use translucent liquid sculpey to fill the bottles. For these, I wouldn't recommend it. These vials/bottles don't seem oven-safe to me since they are the cheapest form of glass.

To make these potions, I used clear Elmer's school glue. It will take a couple of days for it to dry, but I'd rather have that than glass cracking in my oven. 

The potions that I've made are based off of ToniEllison's videos, but I chose to do things a different way/use different colors.

Unicorn's Blood

For the Unicorn's Blood, I put silver glitter and a really small amount of light blue glitter into the clear glue. In the movies, Unicorn's blood was a thick silvery substance, so I stuck with the silver color. I added a bit of blue for a more 'fantasy' like feel. Since the glue is not dried yet, the glitters will fall to the bottom. Just keep on mixing it about twice each day until it dries. The glitter should stay in place then. My glitters have already started to sink because I mixed it a while ago.

Amortentia (Love Potion)

For this potion, I first added some fushia-ish pastels and a hint of magenta/hot pink to the vial/bottle. I added in purple glitters to give it that glowy romantic effect. Since this potion also has glitter in it, the same rules apply for this. Keep mixing the mixture a few times a day to keep the glitters from drying at the bottom when it completely dries.

Draught of Peace

This potion is very simple. I added some turquoise colored pastels to the vial/bottle, added the clear glue into the jar and mixed it all together. This potion has no glitters, but a few of the pastel particles will sink to the bottom after some time. (Much longer time than glitters though) So just mix this about once a day until it fully dries so the pastel particles are fully diluted.

I plan on either buying a cube shelf to display these or putting them on my headboard/bookshelf. Time to do some cleaning and redecorating to my room!

Thanks for reading! :)

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