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  Memorial Day Shopping
Since today was Memorial Day, the mall had so many sales going on! We went to the mall at around 3pm, after my dad came home from work. There were lots of sales, but I wasn't really feeling in a shopping mood for some reason. Maybe it was because there was so many people and everything was so messy... But I ended up getting a few things from more organized stores. haha.

Sanrio was having 70% off selected items so I picked up a couple of things! 

Hello Kitty Pouch- It's so soft and fluffy! It's like a plushy with a zipper to put stuff inside. A bit on the pricey side though. It was on sale for about $10.

This is another fluffy pouch. Not a plushy type of thing like the one above, but still super soft. (even softer than the plushy one!) The inside is really big so I plan on using this as my new makeup bag. :) This came out to around $3.50

This is a closeup of the big t-shirt on the first picture. It's a super oversized t-shirt so it'll be my pajamas now! :) Super cute and cheap too! I think it came out to about $8.

I needed eyelash glue so I got this from target on the way home.

 The blue blouse and the printed blouse are the same styles, just different patterns/colors. They ran out of XS, so I had to get it in size S, but the sizes aren't too much of a difference really, which was kind of weird. It's very flowy so pretty comfy for the summer time. I can also wear these with blazers/cardigans during the winter. They weren't too good of a deal though. About $17 each.

closeup on the material/pattern.

It's a bit disappointing that the long weekend is already over. I don't feel like going back to work yet! So lazy.. I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow though. Hopefully not too much blog commenting.. I want to do more html/coding stuff. Only 3 days of work this week though, since interns get Fridays off! Yay! :D

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