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  Internship Experience: First Day
A few posts back, I mentioned about going in for an interview for an internship. I ended up getting the internship position, but never came back to write about it. I decided to wait until after my first day and write about my experience all together. :) 

So naturally, as this is my first internship/job that I've ever had regarding my major, I was super nervous and excited at the same time. I had no idea what to expect on the very first day. As a heads up, I have no experience in web design whatsoever. So obviously I'd have to start at the very bottom. First days are always more relaxed and simple. All I did was browse a list of blog sites, read the articles (they're all related to web design) and familiarize myself with it a bit, and make comments. Nothing too extreme. It's a bit tiring on the eyes since I'm never actually too focused on a computer screen for too long. Not too exciting, but hey, it's a start! I can't wait until I get to start learning about HTML and other coding/designing aspects of web design. I'll probably be doing the whole blog commenting for the rest of the week and maybe even into next week before I start learning about other things though. Pretty excited about everything though! Can't wait to see what other stuff I'll be exposed to in this internship.

The staff there is rather small, but that's how I like it. I've always pictured myself working for a really small company. I personally feel that working for a smaller company has advantages because you'll be exposed to more areas and have more opportunities to touch upon other things. When working for a large company, most of the time they'll assign you to one specific thing and you'll just be stuck with that. I have, however, looked into Chase's technology department a bit and two of their positions seem really interesting to me. I think I'll most likely be ending up going towards a more design/software development area of IT. Definitely much more interesting and fun than sitting around, fixing computers and working on databases all day. 

Everyone that works there was really nice. The company treated me out to lunch as a welcoming thing to me. It was a pretty nice experience to get to know the web design team a little more since I'll be working with them the most. The environment there is very casual and relaxed so I really like that. I'm not too big of a fan of dressing up in business-like suits and stuff for work. I find it very restricting and creates a very 'strict' environment/relationship among everyone. In a casually dressed environment, everyone can get along like good friends and are on a much more personal level with their supervisors, making them easier to approach. That's just my own personal thoughts at the moment. Perhaps once I get a job in a formal business environment and get to see how things really are, I'll have a change of views.

Another cool thing is, I get my own dual monitor setup! I've always wondered what it's like to have one since my boyfriend always talks about how much he wants one.. It was pretty exciting to see two computer screens in front of me, pretty big too. I guess it was because I wasn't used to it yet, but it ended up giving me a slight headache a few hours later. haha. 

Also as a side note, many people wonder about what they should wear on their first day of internships/jobs. I was very skeptical as to what I should wear too, especially since this is a casual work environment. I was going to wear denim shorts at first since it's pretty humid and hot outside from all the rain. But after some thinking, it's best to go a little more reserved to give a better image to everyone there. I ended up going with a pair of jeans, ruffled tanktop for a more blouse-y kind of feel, and a cardigan with flats. Pretty glad I ended up going with that though since there was A/C in there and it was pretty chilly! 

This is the longest post I've ever made AND it's all in writing. Hope I didn't bore you all~ Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any advice for me on getting the most out of my internship or if you have any questions at all!

Thanks for reading!


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