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♥ Angela is a student majoring in Information Technology and Informatics. She loves making polymer clay figures, watching TVB dramas, and other DIYs in her spare time. She hopes that this blog will bring you inspiration and entertainment. Thanks for stopping by! ♥


05/23 Begin Web Design Internship
06/17 Raymond Lam Concert @ AC
07/01 Attend a Wedding
07/09 My Birthday!
08/01 Finish Web Design Internship




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  Excitement Week
Hey everyone!

This week was full of excitement and anxiousness for me. Firstly, finals are over so grades are starting to roll out into the gradebook for us to see. Hope I did well on them! Secondly, I was applying for internships and jobs for this summer to gain some experience in the Web Design field since I'm totally clueless in it, but it just seems so interesting to me. I got an interview offer for this Friday morning! I'm so excited and nervous. I'm always so bad at answering questions... Hope I do well on it! It's unpaid, but I think the experience would be totally worth it, especially since I'm taking Web Design next semester. 

Lastly, Raymond Lam is coming to Atlantic City for his Light Up My Live Concert! Ahhhh! So excited! I've been waiting so many years for him to have a concert here. Whenever he has one in Hong Kong, I'm always there either the week before or the week after it's held, so I always miss it. I already got the tickets for the show! I wanted to get the 2nd most expensive ones, but they were all sold out.... :(  But at least I get to attend one of his concerts! I wonder if they allow cameras in there...

Sorry for this over-excited blog post. hahaha. 

Thanks for reading!


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