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  DIY Wire Ring Tutorial: Wrapped Flower/Spiral/Knot Ring
Hey everyone! 

Here's a tutorial on how to make a wire ring, similar to like the ones I posted before. 

Items that you will need:
1. Wire Cutters            
2. Pliers with no ridges            
3. Rounded Pliers       
4. 20 Gauge Copper Wire            
5. Something to wrap the wire around to create the ring size

Cut off a strip of wire about 6-7 inches. Wrap it around the item that you 
choose to create the ring size twice. I used my E.L.F. Eyelid Primer. I 
choose something that gradually increases in thickness so that it's easier to
slide the ring back inside to reshape the ring later on.

Twist the two ends that meet together like so. Make sure to secure the ring
size while doing so because you cannot readjust the size after. *Note: You
should make the ring size a bit bigger than desired because when you finish,
the ring will be smaller than the size you started with.

Continue to twist the wire around the base that you started. Make sure to
keep it flat so you can see the individual "layers".

After you have reached the desired size of the spiral/flower part of the ring,
adjust it so that the two strands are tucked into the bottom of the finished 
spiral/flower. (Between the spiral/flower and the ring base)

Now taking one of the strands, wrap it under the base of the ring. This will
be the start of the wrapped part of the ring.

Continue until you have reached the desired length. I usually do about a 
total of 5 loops. (I ran out of wire because I cut it too short). After you have
reached your desired length, use your wire cutters and cut off the excess,
making sure that when finished, the end of the wire will be on the inside
of the ring.

Now slide the ring back into your ring sizing item to make it perfectly
round again. Make sure to slide it all the way down as far as you can to 
make it secure.

And now you have your ring! :)

Thanks for reading!

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