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  Crafts & Fashion Haul
 Hey everyone!

Hope everyone's enjoying their Friday and weekend so far! So I went on a little craft shopping trip with my sister today. We decided to go to AC Moore since my sister wanted to get some craft supplies for her bracelet. They have a 50% off coupon available for this weekend too! I was browsing around and ended up buying these items:

 A steel scraper, a star shaped decorating tip and some couplers. 
I wanted to use it to make whipped cream shaped clay.

These boxes were a pretty good deal. It only costed me $1.99 each.

I wanted to use them to put my finished clay figures into it so they're not just sitting in plastic bags... I was thinking of getting a shadow box kind of frame to display them and hang it on my wall. I saw a couple at AC Moore today, but they were all too big. I think I'll go to Ikea to see if they have any once finals finish. Only one more week of classes left!

close up picture of the glitters.

While at AC Moore, I stumbled upon a $1 section. I didn't really expect to see anything worth buying there, but I decided to look anyways since I was waiting for my sister. That's where I came across these packs of glitters! Soo pretty! I think I'll use them as a topping on some of my clay figures or mix it into it. I was expecting them to be $1 since it was in that section. There were 6 different combinations. I picked up 5 of them. When the cashier rang them up, each pack ended up being only $0.40 each! Such a good deal!

They fit perfectly into each section inside my new boxes too. :)

 Last week, I went to the Marshall's shoe store to look for spring sandals. I ended up getting these nude wedges. I wanted to try wearing wedges so I didn't want one that was too high. These are the perfect height and super comfy too! I got a pair of Payless ones earlier in the month and it gave me blisters 10 minutes into wearing them... but I stuck some cushion-y sticker strips onto them so hopefully they'll be better to walk in.. they're so cute!

I've also been on the hunt for a bag for the last I don't even remember how many months because most of my bags that I purchased in Hong Kong have all died on me. The long shoulder strap kept breaking off at the end metal clamp. So while at Marshalls, I saw their bag section and decided to look around. I came across this Steve Madden purse in a Mustard Yellow color. I kind of liked it, but it wouldn't really match my clothes so I went to see if they had it in black or white. One thing I like about their bag section is that it is all color coded. It makes it so much easier for me to find a bag. So I found the very last one at the back of the white bags section! I just had to buy it.

Steve Madden Dainty Satchel (available here or similar here )
Etienne Aigner sandals (similar here & here )

I can't wait until finals are all finished so I can come back home and make a bunch of clay things with my new glitter! It's so pretty! I wish you all good luck to those of you with exams coming up!

Thanks for reading!

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