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  Labor Day Haul & 2-Year Present (Photo Heavy)
I honestly didn't think about going Labor Day shopping this year, one being that I was feeling super lazy and another being that I'm so poor now. haha. But with nothing to do that day, my boyfriend and I decided to find something to do. We first decided to go to the mall, but after some quick thinking in my head, I came to the conclusion that I most likely wouldn't find anything good or SUPER cheap at the mall, so I suggested outlet shopping! At first glance, it seemed like a bad idea from all the people fighting for spots... but after successfully surviving that war, we made our way into the outlet mall! I got pretty excited when I saw all the sales signs hanging up in every store, but wasn't too convinced about prices until I actually walked into our first stop of the day: Abercrombie Kids outlet. I was delighted to find that they were selling their jeans for a very cheap price. Of course, since it's an outlet, there are 'defects' on the items, but I didn't find anything wrong with them, probably just unusual sizing. It looked like a warzone in there, but fortunately a nice worker there helped us get my sizes from the back storage. We made stops in many other stores as well, such as Ann Taylor, LOFT, Banana Republic, etc, but didn't see anything I really liked. Here's what I picked up that day:

 Abercrombie Kids Jeans- $14.95 Slightly distressed in fading dark blue wash

 They're a little short, but its okay if I don't pull them up so high.

Abercrombie Kids Jeans- $14.95 Dark Blue

I believe these are Maddy Skinnys? These are a bit long.. if only the two of them would combine it would've been perfect!

Abercrombie Kids Shorts- $6.50

Forever 21- Basic Tee in Ivory $4.80     &&    Scarf  in Taupe $10.80

Same T-shirt I'm wearing in all the pictures in this post. The scarf is also the same as the one in the above picture. (Shown for length comparison)

Forever 21- Casual Jacket in Camel $24.50

I really like this jacket. My boyfriend got this one for me as a present since he loved it so much. It was a pass for me at first, but I'm glad he insisted.

Forever 21- Skirt in Mustard Yellow $9.50

This is so pretty and cute! I saw the dark red shade first, but then when I saw this mustard yellow one, I ran straight to it. Excuse the wrinkles since I took these pictures right after I got home.

Forever 21- Pencil Skirt in Dark Grey  $6.80

I really wanted to purchase the red one instead, but I couldn't think of anything in my existing closet to match it with so I decided to stick to dark grey.

Aerie- Sleep Pants $11.99

They're so comfortable and it comes with pockets!


Abercrombie Distressed Jeans:

Abercrombie Maddys:

Aerie Sleep Pants:

Forever 21 Mustard Skirt:

 Forever 21 Casual Jacket in Camel:

Abercrombie Shorts:

Forever 21 Scarf:

Present from my boyfriend:

It's almost our 2 year anniversary of dating and he brought me this! I love him but he spoils me too much. haha. It's so pretty though!<3 I'm so bad at choosing gifts for him. :(

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