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  Product Review: Forever 21 False Lashes
2 posts today because I took these pictures on the same day! :P 

I recently felt like playing around with false lashes just to see how dramatic they'd make my eyes look. I decided to give Forever 21's false lashes a try since I didn't want to splurge on something I might not end up liking and throwing away. I ended up buying 3 sets total, 2 of them came together. I've only tried one out of the 3 pairs so far, but I figured that I'd just do a review on one of them rather than all 3. I only used them when I went to Mohegan Sun for the pageant. It felt weird to use them for 'everyday' use.

 Packaging: Unlike the ones I've seen in Asian markets, which are boxed to prevent squishing them, these are just put into plastic wrappers. It looks cute, but its hard to reuse the 'box' to put the lashes back in after using them.
 The lashes are actually veryyy long. You can feel the quality of them to be rather cheap. The lashes are slightly glued on to prevent them from falling out, but once you take them out, they can't be put back on unless you glue it on as well. I only used the top pair so far. I also tried to curl my lashes with them on so they'll blend in together, but my real lashes refused to curl for some reason. I don't know if its because the false lashes are too thick or too plastic-y...
This is what it looks like with the lashes on. As you can tell, the lashes are super long. I'm planning on trimming all 3 of them down a bit so they don't stand out so much. I don't think I'd purchase these again. Instead, I'd spend a little more money and buy some more realistic ones that are better quality. I guess its you get what you pay for.

Quality: 3/10
Price: 10/10 ($2.80 a pair)
Length: 5/10 (too long)

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