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  Pottermore & First Interview
I finally got to register for Pottermore! For those of you who don't know what Pottermore is, it's basically a new reading experience for Harry Potter fans. Haha. The website doesn't allow us to do anything yet until about probably next week? (I'm hoping) But I'm excited to see what it has to offer! Users for Pottermore are allowed to buy digital and traditional versions of all 7 of the Harry Potter books. Here's what the website looks like, after you register.

My friend actually registered for the account and gave it to me. I was trying to get to the Magical Quill, but I guess it ran out of spots for the day so it wouldn't let me register... It just kept taking me to the Scholastic website for the Harry Potter books. My friend had registered for another account today, so she gave it to me. Haha.

And with that aside, I got my first interview notification yesterday! It's scheduled to be on Tuesday, August 9th at 11:15am. This is actually my first job that I ever had to go through an interview for, so I'm super nervous. The job is for an IT technician position for my university. Although it's not a super formal job that requires dressing up for, I'm still nervous as to what I should wear to my interview. I want to set a good image for my interviewer. I haven't really decided yet, but I'm thinking about wearing a pink button-down shirt with a pencil skirt. I'm in the process of searching for the 'perfect' skirt for me. haha. I'm super short so it's hard for me to find stuff that fits. I will be checking out Ann Taylor on the weekend to see if they have anything that will fit me. (Yay for 20% off student discount!) I will post up photos of my final outfit for this interview after I put it all together.

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