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  Korean Food & a trip to Target
Today was just like every other day, dinner and shopping exercise at a random store with my boyfriend. I was craving Asian food today, so I thought of eating soft tofu. It was so good! I actually finished the whole bowl of rice for once.

 I just love their salad dressing! I don't usually eat salads because I have a dislike for uncooked vegetables, but I can't hold back for this one. They mixed sesame into some unknown sauce of theirs. It kind of looks like ranch, but tastes different. Besides the salad, I also love the cucumbers and bean sprouts. I rarely touch the kimchi at any restaurant. I'm not a big fan unless it's really superb.

We switched the rice for white rice... we don't like that kind of purple/brown rice.. I personally think it tastes kind of strange. We ordered a Seafood Tofu each and a plate of L.A. Galbi ( Korean BBQ ribs). The ribs are so good, but pretty expensive since they don't give a lot and charge a total of $15 for it.
After dinner, we headed over to Harmons Discount Store, only to find that they closed down! So we decided to head over to Target which was right behind where Harmons used to be. I decided to be a bit silly and have some fun with the toys, so we snapped a few pictures.

 I found almost the entire Sesame Street family, except for Oscar(?) the trash monster. LOL.

 Like my oversized glasses? I purchased them from Coastal Contacts when they were having their free glasses promotion. I believe they are having another promotion tomorrow! See their Facebook page for details (link) I ended up paying about $14 for shipping and handling. It's not too bad for a pair of glasses to wear for fun.

We wandered over to the games section and I immediately ran to the open Wii console. I think I looked like I was having too much fun because this little boy ended up coming over with a big smile and asked if he could play.

After about an hour of fooling around at Target, we come out to this night sky. :) Such a pretty transition of colors.

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