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  Batten Ramen
The gloomy and rainy weekend just passed and I wanted to introduce another delicious place to everyone. I went back home to my parents this past weekend and dragged them out for a family dinner outside since we haven't gone out in a while. I was also craving some Japanese ramen as well. So we were deciding whether to go to Mitsuwa, which is a Japanese supermarket with a food court filled with yummy food, or a local Japanese noodle house called Batten Ramen. After remembering that my sister gets off work late, we had to go with Batten Ramen as Mitsuwa would be closed by the time we got there. Their menu is rather small, but that's a good thing for me when I go to noodle places. I always have a hard time deciding what I want if I'm provided with numerous options. I ordered the Batten Ramen, which is their name brand noodles (as you can tell by the name. :P) and a grilled squid appetizer. I must say though, the grilled squid wasn't very good. It's actually very pricey for such a small amount. I believe the price was around $8? The noodles was only like $7..

I love the noodles! It tastes sooo good! The soup isn't oily at all, unlike the ones I had in Japan. The noodles are very chewy, which is how I like it. It has some bamboo strips, seaweed(?) 2 pieces of pork, half of a soysauce egg, and scallions. I never really started liking Japanese ramen until recently. My parents actually took me to this restaurant when I was younger and I used to hate going there... My tastes have changed quite a bit this last year or so and began liking things that I used to dislike. Haha. I'm super glad about this taste change though. These noodles are to die for!

Batten Ramen is located in Fort Lee, NJ. That's the only one I know of... I'm not sure if there are other ones. They are a cash-only restaurant so remember to bring extra cash if you go! The last three times that I went, there has always been at least a 10 minute wait due to the small space available. It's always packed as well so go early!

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