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  Product Review: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

 I made another purchase a couple days ago. I was looking up makeup tutorials and this girl had an amazing review on Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear cream shadow in Opal. I decided to do some searching, as I wanted to try a cream eyeshadow to eliminate the problems of fall outs, creasing and smudging. The Bobbi Brown one got amazing reviews on Sephora's site, but after a short search, I found out the Make Up Forever's Aqua Cream works just as great and is offered in many more colors, so I gave it a try instead. I purchased two Aqua Creams, one in #5 Peach, and another in #13 Warm Beige.

Make Up For Ever- Aqua Cream in #13 Warm Beige


I absolutely LOVE this color. It's so pretty on the eyes. It doesn't stand out too much in photos, but in person, it's lovely. It's a very shimmery light copper kind of color. The eyeshadow is super pigmented so a small amount will go a long way. I tested it out on a class day so I had it on for about 8 hours. There was no creasing or smudging anywhere on my eyelid. I had put on eyelid primer under it, but usually with my regular eyeshadow, it will still crease and smudge because of my oily eyelids. This, however, was amazing. It didn't budge until I used makeup remover to erase it. It comes off in a heartbeat with remover though, so it wont take much effort to remove it. Less pulling on the eyelids = yay! Here's a swatch of it. This was about 2 layers of the eyeshadow.

Here is a picture of it on my eyes. It doesn't show very much, like I said before, but it's super shimmery in person. If you don't like shimmery eyeshadow, I wouldn't recommend this to you. However, the staying power is amazing, the color looks stunning, and it's just overall a great product. Sephora offers this in 22 colors( link here ), whereas the Bobbi Brown one is only offered in 4 shades. (link here) The Bobbi Brown colors didn't really appeal to me though. They were rather on the plain side... like what many other eyeshadows come in. It is also a much smaller amount than the Make Up Forever cream shadows. 

 Rating: 10/10
Opinions: Creamy, Long-lasting, Crease & Smudge Proof, Very pigmented, Beautiful colors, a bit on the pricey side.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to everyone. I have pretty oily eyelids so almost all my eyeshadows end up creasing after about 4-6 hours, even with eyelid primer. This one lasted me up to 8 hours and it was still perfect when I took it off. It's a bit on the pricey side, but I'd say that it's worth it.

I haven't tried the one in Peach (#5) yet so I will post pictures of that one as soon as I get around to it!


Here are the pictures of Shade #5, Peach

It's not really visible here, but there are a lot of gold specks in this one. I really like this color as well and it stands out much more than the Warm Beige that I mentioned above. It's a sweet and warm pink with gold specks. The color isn't too vibrant so I really enjoy using this color. I can't pull off vibrant colors if my life depended on it. Haha. Everything about this eyeshadow is basically the exact same thing as the Warm Beige, except in color.

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