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  Product Review: Benefit Benetint Lip & Cheek Tint
 I have always wanted to try a liquid tint blush. I purchased one when I went to Hong Kong 2 months ago. I had mistaken it for Benefit's Benetint cheek stain, as I was in a rush to be somewhere so I just grabbed it, paid, and left. It wasn't until I got back to the hotel that night, did I realize that it was actually Lioele's Pop Pinky Tint. Haha.

So I recently made a trip to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut because my parents insisted that my sister and I went with them. In return, they promised us gifts from the Sephora that opened not too long ago there. Delighted and overjoyed, I scurried about the store, looking for things that I had really wanted. I wanted to get an anti-aging serum from Lancome, but my parents said that I was still too young to be using that kind of stuff. My dad insisted that we stick to makeup-related products. Then I came across the Benefit section. I then remembered that I had mistakenly purchased the wrong cheek stain in Hong Kong. So I quickly grabbed it without another thought and made my way back to my parents. On the way back, my eyes landed on a couple of Boscia items on a rack. I've heard raving reviews on their black masks. I had wanted to purchase one about half a year ago, but decided not to get it last minute. Since my parents were going to get it for free at the casino from all those points they accumulated, I figured why not. Enough of the nonsense talk now and onto the review!

Benefit's Benetint: rose-tinted lip & cheek stain

The packaging for Benefit's Benetint.

The back side of the bottle.

I'd say the packaging is pretty cute. It looks very similar to a bottle of nail polish, especially the brush applicator that it comes with. The brush itself is pretty nice. It's quite soft so it doesn't prick your skin.

 This is what it looks like when it is first applied to the skin. I think I applied about 2-3 strokes with the applicator. There's a small spot on the right side of the swatch that I had blended out earlier... It's not really visible though..

It took probably less than a minute for it to go from the picture above, to this. It dries really quickly so when applying to the cheeks, you should work fast. Also, if you don't blend fast enough, it will leave streaks of uneven color on your cheeks, just like in the picture. It's really obvious, so remember to blend quickly. The spot of blended out tint is more visible in this picture. It's actually quite light in person, but I'd say that about 2 strokes is good enough for the cheeks. I haven't tried it on the lips though... I'm kind of afraid of the outcome at the moment. Haha. Perhaps I'll try it later on when I get bored at home one day.

Overall, I'd give the Benetint an 8/10. I really like the rosey color that it gives. It's a little frightening to use in the beginning, but after several tries, you should be able to master it. I'm still experimenting at home on the best way to use it on my cheeks as I prefer a softer glow on my cheeks. The tint itself is all liquid, but once it dries, I believe its waterproof.. I tried really hard to rub it off and it wouldn't budge. I ran it under water as well, but it still stayed. It wasn't until I used hand soap that some of it came off, but it was still very obvious on my hand. I had to go through a whole shower, 4 hours of class, and about 3 more hand washes before it was almost completely gone. I didn't use makeup remover because I wanted to see how long the blush would last. I'd say this is a good blush to use if you'll be going in the water or just going out for a busy day outside.

As I mentioned above, I also made several other purchases lately. I will be doing reviews on all the products that I've purchased, including the ones from Hong Kong! Thanks for reading!

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