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♥ Angela is a student majoring in Information Technology and Informatics. She loves making polymer clay figures, watching TVB dramas, and other DIYs in her spare time. She hopes that this blog will bring you inspiration and entertainment. Thanks for stopping by! ♥


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  New Home!
Hey everyone!

So I recently moved into a new studio off school campus. I didn't have much time to take pictures until now since I was busy cleaning it and having class didn't really help. So now that I've finally been able to take pictures, I can share it with you guys!


This is the entrance to the studio. The kitchen is right next to it.
This is the kitchen area. It's unbelievably small... but I guess I'll live.. The mini fridge doesn't allow much storage, especially in the freezer.

And... that's my new home! It's a little empty-looking and plain, but it'll do! Perhaps I'll make some stuff to decorate it a bit when I have time. Haha. This is my first time living on my own so I'm quite excited. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my mini tour of my new home!


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